‘Mailman’ puts 370BHP Super-turbo in an American Postal Van

‘Mailman’ puts 370BHP Super-turbo in an American Postal Van

We have seen a lot of bizarre projects from car enthusiasts, such as ambulances with V8-engines or retired police cars with V12’s from Rolls-Royce, but this original US Postal Van is definitely a very unique build. The owner (known on their socials as ‘Autostyl’) from the United Kingdom picked up this Grumman LLV US solely to act as transport for his car parts, and to comfortably get from A to B. But after driving the van for a couple of miles, he was not really impressed with the performance and drive characteristics (which is very understandable). So, a new project began for this enthusiast from the UK.

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To quickly summarize the work that was put in by the young Englishmen; the original ‘Chevy S10 chassis is completely replaced by a ‘custom chassis’, so it specifically fits the other additions. The American Postal Van has been put on NS-2R semi-slicks from Nakang and the tires now ‘hug’ four 18″ Ispiri TF’s. While driving the van, you will be comfortably sitting in Sparco Grid-2 racing seats with adjustable 5-point harness. This, for example, comes in handy when you bring the Postal Van to your local racing track. The chances of that actually happening are obviously very low, but never zero.

What hides under the hood of this van, will probably surprise you even more. This ambitious young Englishman has decided to take a Mercedes OM606 Turbodiesel, pushing out an impressive 370BHP, and fit it in the engine bay of the Postal Van. We are sure that all your mail and packages will be delivered on the same day. Performance wise, there have been upgrades as well. US-based manufacturer Mishimoto seems to be main supplier for this build, with upgrades to the intercooler, a new S14 radiator and gas tank expansion. The end result is a guaranteed head turner. Interested to see the full list of additions to this American van? Then make sure to click on this link. 

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